Adding GitHub Default Labels to existing Repositories?

I have several repositories that are old and don’t have the default GitHub Labels on them. I would rather use these then have to add them myself manually to each repository. Is there anyway to add the Default GitHub labels to an existing repository?

The ones I’m talking about are found here:

A few of my repositories have it but a lot of the older ones don’t. If I could add them to all of them it would be great :slight_smile:

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I don’t have anything that specifically does this for the standard label set, but there are a number of community-built tools hosted on GitHub that either allow you to create your labels in bulk or to copy labels from an existing repository, and create them in another or many other repositories. If you want the standard label set and you have that in another repository, copying is probably your best bet.

Standard disclaimer - I haven’t tested these, but I reckon they’re worth a try!

Thanks for the response. I suppose I can give these a try and just copy them to the other repositories. :smiley:

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