Adding folder to repository

Hello everybody! First post here, hope someone can give me a hand

So, I have this maven/spring project done.

In the source folder I have a “client” folder which contains the front end, done in React

The thing is that when I push the parent folder containing everything, it only pushes the maven/spring project. I can see the “client” folder on the github repository, but can not access it probably because it did not upload it, and have no clue how to actually have everything on the repo




Hwy @xolsk, welcome to the Community Forum! I recently had the same thing happen for me when I tried to upload my Django project. I am guessing that you are dragging the project into the upload files section on the website? 

What you will want to do instead is clone the repo locally, move the files into that folder, and then push that info to GitHub. 

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I tried both using the drag and drop and the command prompt to no avail

ok thanks, I will give that a shot! :slight_smile:

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