Adding emojis to comments

Hello everyone,

I think earlier there was a graphical way to insert an emoji into the (markdown) text of a comment inside the webpage e.g. in a PR or an issue. Today, I did not find such a button anymore.

I think there was once a button but since the last UI change a few months back, I have not seen this anymore. Or am I completely mislead and there was never a button to select an emoji?

I know there is a popup when typing a colon but this shows only 4 entries and you need to know how the emoji is called to get “close”.

Maybe you can give me a hint into the right direction.

:wave: @christianlupus - Great question! I’m not sure that there was a button to select an emoji in our Markdown toolbar. Personally, if I wanted to look up an emoji, I’ve found to be an invaluable resource. It’s not the only emoji-lookup of its kind (our GitHub Docs site recommends, but it may be something worth keeping on hand if you want to quickly reference and include emoji in your comments. I hope this helps!