Adding Azure Database

I created a database on Azure, and I linked it to my MVC web application. I pushed this up to my github repository, no problems. When other people clone the repository and try to connect to the database, they are able to using the server name, user name, and password that I give them. With this connection, they are able to see the databse hosted on my azure server. However, once they try and push their changes to MVC back to the repository, they cannot commit their changes because they added the connection to the server. How do we all connect to a shared database, with capabilities to still use github?

I very new to this but I thing you have to got the .config file on you application and copy the connection string setting from Azure on to every instance of the deployed app and that way you can all simultaneously connect to Azure. Again I dont know how the server is going to react to this interaction and how it will affect cost but give it a shot