Added the workflow but its not appearing, meanwhile upgrading workflow works


Am not sure what is the issue, but adding a workflow for a repo does not work unless it’s a repo with old action. For example, the following repository and this repository both have the workflow, which I copied from the documentation.

And yes I have v2 enabled for my account

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 9.30.52 PM.pngBut, if I was upgrading from v1 to v2, everything will work normally

So adding the same example workflow will work

any idea why?

Hi @linuxjuggler !

We’re fixing this bug. Thanks for sharing. If you’d like, I can press a button to upgrade all repositories in your account to the new syntax, so you don’t need to do it one by one. Let me know :).

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Hey @mscoutermarsh thanks for the reply.

Upgrading all my existing repositories will be excellent.

Waiting for the fix :+1:

Done! All repos in your account are now upgraded.


Amazing, thanks !

sorry to ask but is there any ETA for the fix? or from now on any new repo I create will automatically get the new workflow?

thanks @mscoutermarsh I just test it with a new repo and it worked like a charm

thanks again :+1: