Add text to check summary

I’d like to be able to add a short text status string to the action check summary that displays in the list of checks, replacing the standard Successful in xm

Codecov bots do so (adding a string that reports % etc.), but it’s not clear to me how they do, and whether that’s possible via github actions.

I tried using

However, conclusion and status seem to only accept certain string values.

Hi @ianshmean,

You are able to update the check run name and it will display instead of ‘Successful in xm’. For example:

Use LouisBrunner/checks-action@v0.1.0 to create and manage the checkrun.

But it’s not supported to only update the check_run description.
You can check the rest api about checkrun update for more details:


Thanks. It turns out the issue was trying to do this on a pull_request event, which silently fails.

Is it possible to print something different for the 2nd and 3rd segments of the check?

Your example shows:

examples / Test With Annotations From Run (push) -- Test With Annotations From Run

Is it possible to:

examples / Test With Annotations From Run (push) -- Some other text

Hi @ianshmean,

Based on the api “”, i’m afraid it’s not supported to print different text for the check.

You can raise a feature_request ticket issue in below link where github product manager will take a review.[category]=actions