Add support for [ ] checkboxes for org-mode files

Refer: Add support for [ ] checkboxes for org-mode files · Issue #343 · dear-github/dear-github · GitHub

This is what it looks like now

source: github-orgmode-tests/ at 953f08011d9b1300c3c6015b8a2d64a17cbbb6f2 · novoid/github-orgmode-tests · GitHub

Hey @jiacai2050 ! Thanks for your contribution. You could consider adding it to the official public feedback tracker as well:

Thanks, I open an issue here:

are there any differences between those two sites? which one should I go to when report issue?

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That’s great, thanks for sharing @jiacai2050 !

You can best go to the GitHub feedback repo at Discussions · github/feedback · GitHub, since that’s the official tracker. The other repository you referenced isn’t actively maintained or monitored by GitHub itself.