Add subsection to GitHub Page (Lanyon theme)

I’m interested in creating subsection similar to this. A detailed walkthrough would be very much appreciated or if you know a tutorial link regarding this, I would be really grateful. Thanks for the help !

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking about, but if you want to add a new page to your site then it should be as simple as creating a new Markdown file in your repository.

Depending on what them you’ve chosen there may be more options that you can configure to add your new page to a sidebar or menu. I’d recommend taking a look at your chosen theme’s README for instructions on how to configure this.

If you’re asking about customising your theme then there are some instructions on how to modify the CSS and HTML templates of your theme here:

thanks thomas. I was asking how to customize my theme because the Lanyon theme doesnt have the subsection in the navigation bar as in the photo i shared. I will look into your links. Thanks!