add release notes to git remote tag from command line

We use tags on our private git repo projects to denote “stable” points in the project’s development.  

Our final stage after merging the code in our local master is to create a tag and push it to the remote.

For example, if we have a 1.0 release I use command: 

git tag -a 1.0 -m “1.0”

Apparently the release notes are a separate field (metadata?) than the tag message, so I have to go to the Tags tab, click the pencil icon to edit and write my release notes there for others to see what is in the release.  

Is there no way to add the release notes from the command line?

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Since the “Releases” feature is part of GitHub and not git itself, no, there isn’t a way to set the release notes using the git command-line tool. You can, however, use the hub command-line tool to create a release with release notes from the command line.

I hope that helps!