Add outside collaborators to a team without giving them acess to other repos in an organization?

I agree this is an important functionality that needs to be supported. There needs to be a way to group outside collaborators so that permissions can be given/removed for the group as one instead of assigning to each repo for each individual user. It would even be ok if there is some special notion of a “group” or “collaborators” that is solely for outside collaborators but it should function the same way as it works for teams right now

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Hi @darshakthakore

Did you have a look at Add outside collaborators to a team without giving them acess to other repos in an organization? - #17 by pattacini ?

This solution goes exactly in the directions you mentioned.

+1. Definitely needed.

Any update on this?
This feature would be very helpful to provide a centralized view to the maintainer

+1 we need this functionality

Should absolutely be a standard behaviour. +1

This is functionality that should exist in some way. If not through the existing “teams” feature, then through some other system. Perhaps called “outside teams”?

This seems like such an oversight that outside collaborators can’t be added as team members. Dropping by to +1 the request to change that.

I’m wondering the same thing. I have 11 repos that I want to make available to a team of 10 outside collaborators. mcdvoice

+1 for this feature request.

With hundreds of both repositories and users in the organization, it would have been great if this was resolved.

Or if we could get a statement or comment from any of the GitHub staff?
It’s been 2 years since @lee-dohm’s initial response.

Hi @Gakk

Have a look at GitHub - icub-tech-iit/outside-collaborators: Automatically Manage Outside Collaborators Organization-wide.

We’ve been using it for more than one year by now and it definitely made our day!
I know that it’s been adopted by Philips as well since it deals with lots of repos and lots of collaborators effectively.

Thanks, @pattacini. I have seen your solution earlier, and it will work with repository access and with mentioning in issues and PRs.

But I strongly believe this should be native in GitHub, so collaborators will get the same access to team discussions and projects. Also looking at the teams a user is member of reveals what products they work on.

Agree with this :+1:t2:

This is an important usability issue, would be very useful if implemented.

+1 for this feature. Currently, struggling with this as well. What is the Github reason to not be able to manage external collaborators as a team?


2+ years is an awful long wait for baseline functionality like this.


Ouside collaborator access is needed also for the Projects IMO

We have about 8 repos in our org that are used by large groups of external collaborators. Every time I want to add them to the repos I have to open my bookmark folder of all of these bookmarks and add them to each repo 1x1. This happens several times a week.

The ideal use case for me would be to be able to create teams of external collaborators, and set the repos, and access they need. Once, then adding a new users is as simple as adding them to a team. Right now it takes up way too much time and is terribly inefficient.