Add outside collaborators to a team without giving them acess to other repos in an organization?

Same problem here. Please add this functionality.

+1. This would be a big help.

+1 yes, this would be tremendously helpful!

Teams are a useful way to manage repo access which is arguably even more important for outside collaborators than for people within the organization. The workaround of inviting outside collaborators into the organization for repo access management via teams is bad because there will be a period of time when they can access all the repos in the organization! If somebody then forgets to convert them back to outside collaborators it poses an even bigger security problem for the organization.

+1 This would be super useful. It makes it annoying and seems dangerous to need to send invites to outside collaborators for every repo they need access to. It increases the risk of accidentally adding the wrong person to a repo.

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+1 definitely we need it

+1 same need here.
Add external collaborators to teams is essencial.

+1 definitely we need it too

We would use this …


Just tried to accomplish the same.

We have the same requirement. With 150 repositories, we need to be able to add an outside collaborator to at team to get access to correct repositories. Also the collaborator will work as a team member, so it would be natural to be in team discussions etc.

Hi @Gakk

You may want to give a glance at GitHub - icub-tech-iit/outside-collaborators: Automatically Manage Outside Collaborators Organization-wide, through which we automatically handle outside collaborators organization-wide.

We established this workflow last September and it’s working neatly.

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+1 we need this functionality

+1 we also would like to see this happen

+1 also need this functionality

+1 on this one as well. It seems like a natural workflow to invite an external collaborator to a team and give that person access to certain repos. My instinct was wrong and I had to refer to the documentation to find out that I was indeed wrong … and I guess I am not the only one.

+1 for this. Admin, is this somewhere on the roadmap?

Please take my +1. I recently switched to Org. account and found this necessary.

+1 as well. If the problem is due to the “Base Permissions”, it would also be fine to have homogenous teams separately for “members” and “outside collaborators”, such that the latter does not receive base permissions.

Can someone from GitHub kindly address this seemingly common ask?