add more buttons in github jekyll theme

Hi friends,

I have generated a github page from my The _config.yml is:

theme: jekyll-theme-cayman
 	- jekyll-seo-tag
 	author: Barud

 The problem is at the top, it only links to “View on GItHub”. Unlike in the template, where it has three buttons. I need one more button and link it to my another repo. 
How I can do that?

Hi rudrab,

The Cayman theme has an extra variable that you can include in your _config.yml file to enable these buttons, which will then link to a direct download of a zip of your full repository.

You can switch to the three button mode by including the following line in your _config.yml file:

show_downloads: true

If you’d like to change where these buttons link to, or modify your theme even further, you can have a read over our documentation on customizing the CSS and HTML of your theme.