add markdown file to git branch

please i have this instruction “If during the writing of the second post you remember some edits are needed in the first post, you can save the progress of the second post with git add -A and git commit -am “Saving progress” and switch to the previous branch with git checkout 00-intro-to-solidity. Do the needed changes, save again with _git add -A _and git commit -am “Saving some changes”, then come back to the 01-advanced-solidity branch with git checkout 01-advanced-solidity. Do this as many times as necessary.” can someone help me interprete it? am i expected to actually type on git bash? if yes, what are the steps to follow? I have created the branches but how to get the text inside is the problem. if i dont really have to type on git bash, what am i supposed to do? please a clear step by step gutde will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @kongvy,

It sounds like you’re going through some course or other learning app. Can you clarify where you’re seeing these instructions? If this is an app not owned by GitHub, you will need to seek support from the owner of the app themselves. 

If you let me know where you’re getting these instructions, I may be able to help further. Thanks!