Add logo to repository


anyone knows if there is a way to add a logo to a repository?

I’m experiencing a strange “social” sharing: someone on LinkedIn shares one of my repos, and the sharing message linking the repo shows my github profile picture… sounds strange, it would be better to have there a logo related to the project.

Thanks! F.


I don’t blieve that is possible.



I have sett some free guide on the internet, where show you how you can fix your own logo. Then you can use that

logo as your Github profile picture. Do a google search.


While it is possible to add a logo to a GitHub profile, as far as I know one cannot add a logo to a repository - except by adding an image to the README file. The question was about repositories.

Is there anyway to propose a feature request to github for this?

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Yes. GitHub Support.


Interestingly, this page tops the search result for github repo logo which explains the intensity of this problem! I’m also facing the same issue as you, if I post a link to my github repo, my profilie picture appears as the featured image which is irrelevant and pointless.

This should be trivial to implement. For example, you can take a file like logo.png or favicon.png from the repo’s root directory and make it as the featured image, isn’t it? Gitlab does the same to the best of my knowledge.

Hoping this will be resolved soon my Github support!

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Hi @prahladyeri ,

This issue already has been resolved! See the solution below. This is also interesting for the other contributors to this conversation: @fabiobeoni , @dimitripapadopoulos , @fatemehshirazi .

You can navigate to your repo >  Settings Options > and add an image under  Social media preview. Good luck!


Ah indeed, this is documented in Customizing your repository’s social media preview.

I have added a logo to one of my repositories. I’m not much in social networks. When I send an SMS with a link to the repository, no preview of any kind appears on Android. Is this very specific to some social networks? Where can I find documentation on the social media preview specification, if there is one?

Great that you posted a link to the help article! I don’t believe there is more specific information availible. I thinks GitHub makes use of , which transfers this kind of info trough HTML  meta tags.

It is an open protocol and as far as I know it’s supported on most social media and messaging services.

As in your case, I just think your Android SMS application doesn’t allow for previews at all. If it were to allow any preview at all, it would show your profile picture as an image  until you uploaded a custom image. So if you aren’t seeing any image, I don’t think your client supports it.

Thanks, that’s helpful!

Hi I followed all steps and added logo to reporsitory. However still when I put my repository link on linkedin, I am getting no image. The image is reflecting though on my Settings>Options>Social preview. What to do? I am using laptop to view

Does it show up on twitter cards preview? Here is the test link for twitter cards preview, if it shows up here then there is no need to worry as it could be Linkedin’s caching problem, it’ll be sorted after some time when linkedin knows that your site’s logo is updated.

when I put the link to my repository into the card validator, it shows the social media image that I have added. However, when I type the link to my repository into a tweet, it shows my profile image. Is there a specific method that I need to use to link to my repository via Twitter?

For the Twitter validator I’m getting:

Unable to render Card preview
ERROR: Fetching the page failed because it's denied by robots.txt.

And Facebook is still showing my profile picture.

LinkedIn post inspector is showing it correctly.

EDIT: I got the Facebook preview to work via - “scrape again”. Even though the debug tool said it had been scraped recently already.

maybe try to make a new link to your repo with tinyurl. Linkedin has probably saved your old pic already

Actually tinyurl didn’t work fro me and the picture got back to my profile picture. If you don’t want to wait you can change the name of the repos so you don’t have to wait for linkedin to catch up