Add lint to Github Checks

Hello all,

I have built check runs using github action workflow and it works well. Right now, I am trying to use Github checks feature and need some advise.

I know we can use the following URL as a reference but how does one configure tasks such as linter or tests in github checks ? 

Please do share if you have encountered similar problem and do let me know how you fixed it :slight_smile:

FYI, I am using probot to listen to the webhook events from github

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Hey @johnsonsamuel , I’m experiencing the same problems.

Somehow check runs are not bound to current workflow, but when I go to Actions tab I can see them there, but not on pull request workflow. This seems to work fine yesterday, but for some reason not working now. I’m trying to fix this for a few hours but without success.

Here is my current branch I tried with raw HTTP requests and with octokit too.

Hi @ninosaurus, I am currently trying to implement it for Github checks and not actions since actions are  not available for enterprise yet.  After going through some docs and references, I found that we need to explicitly write the logic to handle any event such as linting or tests or anything for that case which can be painful. I will take a look at your repository and see what is causing the error when using Github actions :) 

Hello, did you manage to advance at this point?
I’m also looking for how to solve this