`Add Development Container` command should be available in Codespaces

The zero config in Codespaces is great, and works perfectly, congrats! :clap:

But, for those that use VS Code on a daily basis, sometimes it’s interesting to reuse those pre-defined .devcontainer resources, and be able run the same config locally.

The Codespaces documentation has a Use a pre-built container configuraiton section, which describes how to to add those .devcontainer resources on you repo (clone, copy, add) manually. But why not use the same Add Development Container command from the Remote Development extension, directly from inside Codespaces?

Doing so, no matter where you start the remote experience. You could have exactly the same experience.

Thank you

Thanks for the feature request! That is in fact the plan! The “rebuild” workflow is also planned.

We are working on this right now :slight_smile:. We’re setting it up so that both the VS Code - Remote Containers and Codespaces extensions can share that functionality. It should be ready in the next couple weeks.

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That’s great to hear!

Thank you for your great work :clap: