Add comments to changes

Hi, I just want to ask if there is some way to add comments to the changes done at the “Changes” column in GitHub Desktop.

I want to be able to add comments to some changes that won’t be commited because I want to keep locally for several time. Those comments will help me remember why I don’t want to commit them.

If there is no way to this, I would like to suggest it to the team, it would really be a nice update.

Thanks in advance
Have a nice day!

Edit 1: I mean to be able to comment each file changed individually, like a comment in a cell in g sheets.

Welcome @alplahe!

At this time it isn’t possible to provide comments on uncommitted changes in GitHub Desktop. You can stash your changes in GitHub Desktop if you have changes that you want to store for a time – see this article for how to do that. I hope that helps!

Thanks, I will take a look!