Add button to toggle theme on every page

Most sites with a dark/light theme option have an easy way to toggle the theme without navigating away from the page. Currently, when I am viewing a page that is best read in the other theme, I have to:

  1. Go to my settings
  2. Go to Appearance
  3. Change to the other theme
  4. Find my way back to the original page

A simple switch button at the top would solve this issue. Basically, we can just add a smaller version of the button on the profile page to the banner:

I know there is a “system default” option. For users with “system default” chosen and e.g. system default is “light”, we could display the button the same way we would for users with “light” option chosen. When users press the button, the GitHub theme changes to “dark” (not “system default” anymore). Pressing again changes theme to “light”. If users want to switch back to “system default” they can go through the longer workflow described above. Usually, users that toggle the theme away from system default will not want to revert specifically to system default. Additionally, since there are only two real themes, and both can be easily chosen from this button, users will never have to go through the longer workflow described above to get the theme they want.


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