Add a warning or explanation when saving a secret with a wrong name

When adding a new secret that has GITHUB as a prefix, the only indication this is not allowed is in the docs.
In the UI, an error is shown, at a completely different place then the SAVE button is:

Failed to add secret. Name is invalid

  1. Explain WHY the name is invalid. Took me 3 tries before I remembered
  2. Show the message when exiting the name input: much better UX

Hello @rajbos :wave:

Thank you so much for bringing this up! It’s immediately obvious how frustrating that experience is.

Aside from starting the conversation here, the next best step is to submit this via our feedback form, here:

Submissions there get sent directly to our Product Management teams for review and consideration. While it’s not a guarantee to be implemented, I would suggest reviewing our public roadmap:

…to see what we do have in-flight and posted publicly.

Thank you again for helping us improve! :bow:

Hi @nethgato , I was under the impression that this was what this community was for? Forwarded it to the feedback form as well.

Hi @rajbos

I was under the impression that this was what this community was for?

Great question! Genuinely, it is a great question …

There’s a larger conversation about what exactly this Support Community can provide and how to best leverage it. When it comes to functionality gaps, and general feedback, we are evolving.

Right now, we have 4 areas which have their own Discussions board, to communicate feedback. These are called out in this new repository:

…which links to the respective areas.

While not every individual Product has their own Discussions board yet, the feedback form here in our FAQ:

…does include redirects to Discussions for those areas, and for the rest, submits a request internally to their respective teams for review.

All that said, the way GitHub receives and processes lack of functionality / feature requests / feedback, is changing.

While maybe not pertinent to your specific request around Actions, certainly curious how you would see this forum function, given the above.

My personal view point right now is that there is space for more long-form technical discussion about specific experiences here in this forum. And in GitHub Discussions, more conversation around missing functionality, or bugs, rather than solving a technical problem in trying to use a specific piece of GitHub.

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Added it to the new feedback repo here.