Add a folder

How do we add a folder to a repository?   I have searched and searched and I see an icon for a new file, but nothing anywhere for a new folder.  Nor did I find the question asked anywhere here on the forum, which I find quite weird.


Hello @mbrasseau,

To create a new folder in a repository click “create a new file.” Type your new folder’s name in the area where you would write the file name, and at the end of the file name type a “/” to initilize it as a folder. After this you can create a new file in the folder.

Alternatively, you can clone the repo locally and add a new folder, and then push the changes to github using the command line or Github Desktop.


Thank you so very much!

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Hello, thanks for the solution! What if I want to create a new folder then upload files from the desktop?

Hello @mukulmc03, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

You can also create new folders by simply dragging and dropping a folder with files to your repository on GitHub and then uploading them. If you want the folder you’re uploading to be inside a specific sub-folder, be sure to click on and enter that sub-folder before uploading your files.