AD Synch With GitHub Cloud Instance

Can’t seem to find the answer to this one and could use some help please.

My question is with respect to how the licensing works on the cloud offering of Enterprise. Our plan is to synch with several AD groups. That said, if I synch a 30,000 member group to the app and we are only entitled to have 20,000 users in total, will I be over allocating? If that would mean I am over allocating, is it possible to track the actual active user count on the app vs those coming from AD who may potentially use it?

Any and all feedback appreciated. Thank you!

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been trying to find your answer but I think this is something that is best dealt with on an individual basis so we can check your config and make sure we’re giving the correct information. There are a few possibilities that sound the same :slight_smile:

Would you mind opening a ticket, and letting us know in that ticket which org we’re looking at?


Thanks for your reply. We are actually in the process of waiting on our organization being approved for GitHub Education and therefore there isn’t much to see in the config. Safe to assume that you would only be able to help once we have enterprise cloud?

I was trying to be proactive and get answers while we wait.


I think it makes sense to hang on until you actually can set things up, and then our Enterprise folks will be able to give you a hand with your SAML queries.

We have actually applied for the Educational offering and won’t be eligible for the Enterprise support, so I may reach out again when we get there… if that’s okay with you?! Thanks again! Appreciate it.

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