Activity overview buggy?

Okay for real, I hate this community software (for many reasons). How am I supposed to give a good bug report when I’m not allowed to add more than one screenshot media of any type including links? Common guys.

Well then you have to figure it out by yourself I guess, here’s the one media I’m allowed to add, sigh

Not sure if this was reported before but I just found out about the optional “activity overview” thing and enabled it.

It then shows this diagram of commit/pr/issue/review ratio and has buttons above that to filter for organizations. I assume this should be a toggle of sorts but it behaves strangely.

This is how it starts: image is evil
I click an org: image is evil
It’s a bit weird that this makes the other orgs disappear but okay. Then I click on the same org again (thinking it’s a toggle and I basically end up where I started): image is evil

The URL states from 2021-03-01 to 2021-03-19 yet the contributions view jumps to 2022. When I go right2left through all orgs I end up in 2023, apparently it jumps by a year each time.

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:wave: Welcome!

Sorry about the restrictions but they are sadly very necessary.

I’m unable to reproduce this behaviour on my machine. I tried it signed in, signed out, signed in to a non-staff account etc. Although I your browser window looks like a windows skin, so I’m waiting to see if anyone with a Windows machine can give it a look.

In the meantime, have you tried this in an alternate supported browser without extensions? It’s worth clearing that possibility first, because browser extension conflicts are pretty common.

I have the exact same thing with Chrome Canary (0 extensions). Interestingly it behaves differently when I’m logged in (then it toggles as expected except that it changes the duration to the current month which makes one of the orgs disappear).

It also happens on Chrome on Mac (again Canary with no extensions and only if logged out), it seems to work fine with Firefox (only tested on Mac), it behaves quite differently there and expected (it keeps the time range and toggling orgs works intuitively)

Not sure how that would only affect Chrome but maybe it’s of importance to note my timezone which is GMT+1 (Germany). I do have this issue with other people as well (as I suspected maybe there is a weird bug with my name starting with a number)

I have been facing the same bug for quite a while, easy way to reproduce:

  • Open your Profile page
  • Scroll down to your contributions graph
  • Below that you will see various orgs you have contributed to
  • Select one and a few seconds later, deselect it
  • Now your activity overview will either show 2022 or 2023