Activity dashboard not shown for 3 days

Hello. While I’m using github I saw that in main page when you are logged in there must be activity feed. But it takes too long to load after couple of time while loging status changes with that message

There was an error in loading the activity feed. Reload this page.

While I’m searching they said control githubs dashboard feed page , It gives me unicorn message. I checked it on github status there is not ancient reported. How can I fix that issue.


:wave: Welcome!

We’re aware that there is an issue affecting many users and our engineers are working on it.

For some people, it has helped if we clear your activity feed from our end so that it starts fresh. If you’d like me to try that, let me know.

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@canuckjacq I hope this problem gets fixed asap :sweat_smile:

facing the same issue!
I’m unable to receive the notifications of PRs, Issues and other important activities as well.

Is there any way or trick to resolve it. Cleaning cache didn’t help.

Hope, Engineers at Github resolve it ASAP. :roll_eyes:

@canuckjacq help me do that, try to solve this problem.

Have been facing the same issue on and off the entire year! It goes down for days to weeks at a time.

Activity feed endpoint says 502. The issue persists across browsers and internet providers.

If it’s some gateway issue in this region then I hope they fix it soon cause I like browsing through the feed on a daily basis.

@Dark-Existed that’s done for you now! I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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It helps! Now I can get dashboard-feed response normally.

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