Actions workflow just started failing with a strange 404 error

I am a huge fan of actions workflow but i am stuck because a recent PR push CI action failed with a very strange error during the build:

404 Client Error for http+docker://localhost/v1.41/containers/grape_test1gr/json: Not Found ("No such container: grape_test1gr"

Workflow URL:

I tried re-running with the main branch through the same workflow and it failed again with the same error. This particular branch has been working for some time which leads me to believe that this may be something outside of my control.

Can you suggest how can i determine whether this is something i can fix or debug?
If it turns out to be outside of my control where i can find the status about efforts to repair it?

I am able to reproduce this error locally under so this must be my problem! Sorry to have bothered you.

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