Actions View Workflow File 404'ing

A broken action was loaded to my private repo. The file is now unreachable to modify and 404’s on attempt.

Seems to be a broken UI based on other similar threads I’ve found. Can a staff member take a look for us?

Hi @shmattox,

Which URL is 404’ing for you?

The Actions tab? Or is it the workflow file when you click “View workflow”?


@mscoutermarsh Thank you for the reply. The shortcut to view workflow file from the all actions page as well as the edit icon on the workflow file page itself both 40


I’ll look into if we can do something with those links when the workflow was removed.

im also having this issue. i deleted this workflow but its still showing under the actions tab. when i try to view the file it gives me a 404. is there a way i can fix this?