Actions usage statistics?

As an author of few GitHub Actions I would like to have some badges in the README (because everyone loves badges) about their usage statistics, ex. “Used in {n} repositories” or “Used in {n} workflows”. I’m not aware of any APIs or other options to fetch such a data, but maybe it’s in the backlog somewhere?


I contacted support about this, but I’ll mention it here too. I’d love to be able to see stats of my actions. Things like number of repos/workflows that use it, which versions are being used, and how those numbers change over time. With this we can prioritise actions that have more users and know if it’s even worth keeping some projects going. Plus it’s just nice to see how useful a project is to others.

Thanks, we definitely understand why you’d want this.  This makes a lot of sense, and we’ll add this, but unfortunately we have a few other things we need to tackle first.


I think that “Dependency graph -> Dependents” and then standard “Used by” will be fine for action.

I had built a couple of Actions myself and publish to the marketplace and it will be great to add some Insights too, like how many people using, how many users build executed my code and etc…

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Good idea but that doesn’t show the usage :slight_smile: I checked and unfortunately that wasn’t the case. So I also support the fellow action developers here for this “insights statistics” feature.