actions/upload-artifact : Computed hash does not match with url signature


Using actions/upload-artifact, I managed to upload a file using a customizable env variable : 

      FINAL_FILENAME: Source Code - un catalogue open source d’exercices informatiques.pdf
      LATEX_FILENAME: main.pdf
      MAIN_LATEX: main.tex
      - name: rename ${{ env.LATEX_FILENAME }} to ${{ env.FINAL_FILENAME }}
        run: |
          mv "${{ env.LATEX_FILENAME }}" "${{ env.FINAL_FILENAME }}"
      - name: Upload result file
        uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
          name: ${{ env.FINAL_FILENAME }}
          path: ${{ env.FINAL_FILENAME }}

Which gives me the following url :—Source-Code-un-catalogue-open-source-d-exercices-informatiques/suites/664591803/artifacts/5896280 

When I request the url, I got this 

{"count":47,"value":"Computed hash does not match with url signature"}

Any ideas ?
PS : Please avoid answers like “use a filename without spaces” as I know the action works with regular filenames

As far that I know, the filename doesn’t contain actions/toolkit not supported characters (and thus is correctly uploaded so something seems wrong with Github REST API …)

Hi @jy95 ,

I can reproduce the same on my side. The error is due to quote(highlighted)

FINAL_FILENAME: Source Code - un catalogue open source d<font color="#FF0000">’</font>exercices informatiques.pdf

is used in your file name, it’s not supported.

Can use single quote ’ instead.

FINAL_FILENAME: Source Code - un catalogue open source d<font color="#FF0000">'</font>exercices informatiques.pdf



Thanks for the answer : it seems Github team never tried this character ^^