Actions UI improvements when creating new workflows

Hi, wasn’t sure how/where to give this feedback so I thought this might be the place for it. If not, I’ll gladly redirect this somewhere else :-).

Currently when creating new workflows the UI doesn’t help at all with fast iterations and it started to bug me, so here is what I encountered.

Current flow:

  • Update the yml file with the workflow locally
  • Commit and push the changes
  • Open the repo and go to /actions
  • Find the correct workflow and check the logs for the results
  • Browser is now at /runs/<long number>?check_suite_focus=true
  • Find an issue in the workflow
  • Update the yml file, commit and push
  • Switch back to the site and … you are stuck
    ** I’m missing an easy way to go back to the same overview of the runs for this workflow**

To go to where I want to be I need to:

  • Go back in my browser history twice
  • Or manually go back through the browser history to the correct page
  • Wait for the new run to appear

What I’d want to do (other CI/CD systems have the same flow) is have a bread crumb like navigation that I can use to go directly go back to the worflow runs overview.
(Url is something like /actions?query=workflow%3A"name of workflow"

Usually it’s an option to either go back via a breadcrumb or remove the current run Id from the url for example, leading me to less clicks or keyboard strokes). I’m starting to get it in my muscle memory by now, but it still feels odd.

Maybe I’m missing something here and like to have a better way of faster navigating to where I want to be, or maybe other people have the same ‘papercut’ experience?

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