Actions tab missing

I’m trying to introduce Actions to my organization (@Pickyourtrail), and I’m accepted to the beta. However, I do not see the “Actions” tab in any of our private repos. I’ve also added a workflow YML without luck.

Is the beta not available for private organization repos?

That should work. Make sure that you have enabled Actions in your repository settings, though.

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Hi @paambaati,

Please check with the below steps to see if GitHub Actions is enabled:

  • Sign up for the beta of GitHub Actions from to check whether GitHub Actions is already enabled on your account (organization), or you still on the waitlist.
  • If the Actions is already enabled on your organization, open the specific repository on the organization, navigate to the Settings tab, click Actions option, check if the Actions is enabled for this repository.

I am having a similar problem - no actions tab and no actions section under “settings”. If I got to sign up for actions it tells me I am already signed up. But it appears that I’m not really signed up? 

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