Actions tab displays the name of the last workflow run for all

When using workflows in different branches, the “Actions” tab set the name of all workflows to the name of the last workflow run.
For instance:

  • branch “main” has a workflow named “Branch main”
  • branch “feature” has a workflow named “Branch feature”
  • workflow on “feature” runs first, workflow on “main” runs second
  • (x) looking at the “Actions” tab though, both workflows are named “Branch main” - The expected result is to have both workflows listed with their respective name, and to have both names listed in the left filter pane

Here’s a test repo which reproduces the issue:

And a screenshot of the buggy Actions tab:

This might be by design since we don’t currently support this scenario in a rich way in UI.

The URL points to actions/workflows/main.yaml , we don’t show workflows “per branch” on the left. There has been some feedback on this, we are aware of this limitation. We will continue improving our UI.

Thanks for the feedback!