Actions stuck after completion

Odd issue here happening on a lot of actions.  The action completes quickly and then gets stuck just completing.  This is causing other actions to back up (queued) because of these ones not exiting.

Here’s an example.  This one finishes in 6s but it’s been “running” for 43 minutes.

action done.png

It’s like some teardown isn’t running correctly.  These are not using local runners.

Any way to see what is going on?


Anyone at Github comment on why all our actions seem to be stuck?  Seems like a lot of threads on here today with the same issue.  Any update would be good.


I just got a response back from GitHub support:

Hello -

Thanks for the report! Our engineers have been investigating and have a potential mitigation in place. Builds should start getting unstuck but if that’s not the case for you, please let us know.

Thank you,


Wow, thanks @steveshaffer !  Appreciate the update

Thanks Steve!

Steve has anything changed on your end?

We still have multiple jobs in two repos stuck in queued. About to hit 6 hours

Same. Some jobs completed and some are still queued for 6 hours+

I’m still seeing this. We’ve been seeing this for a while now - on nodejs jobs it seems