actions/setup-node@v1: The process '/bin/tar' failed with exit code 2


We’ve frequently been having the following test failure:

There is an open issue for this (actions/setup-node#116 ), and it appears that other users are getting the same error, but there’s been no response from Github. I was hoping that posting it here would get some more visibility, an update at least saying “we’re looking into it” would be nice.



Hi @ivanbiorender ,

There is new comment on the issue: It looks like error handling on dest stream (file stream), but not the HTTP response body stream. Working on it… Also looks like retry around getting a successful HTTP code, but no retry when reading body. 

Now it’s being fixed, more details here:

Thanks a lot!

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I’m still expericing this isue today.


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Looks like the issue is fixed 🎉