Actions runtime showing 4 days.

Job is failed, however the runtime is showing as 4 days.  Mostly this job finishes in couple of minutes. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 11.27.38 AM.png


Did you re-run this failed job? There is a known issue that Re-running workflow calculates duration incorrectly. Github team are working on a fix for it. When I get any good news for the fix , I will update here at the first time.

So how it will affect the billing.  We can see the the our budget is exceed much faster than we expected. 

I tries to re-run a failed workflow run in my private repo. Then I found that the minutes quota only added the exact run time of the workflow. It wasn’t impacted by the incorrect run duration. 

Please go to your organization/account settings > Billing tab, check which section was charged unexpectedly.