/actions/runs filtering is broken

Hello. We’ve faced a flaw in REST API that doesn’t allow us to cancel unnecessary actions after the PR is merged.

Here’s the queued action of the merged PR.

Here’s its api object, the related part is:

  "id": 2166902929,
  "name": "PullRequestCI",
  "node_id": "WFR_kwLOA5dJV86BKFCR",
  "head_branch": "merge-trusted-contributors",
  "head_sha": "323cf6c5bf25cbaa350d0e1a0a194642e6790485",
  "run_number": 4711,
  "event": "pull_request",
  "status": "queued",

And here’s the request to /actions/runs handler. It’s under the following spoiler

Another problem with the filtering, it shows total_count:15, but there’s only 13 objects. And non of them is mine. I’d provide a json, but it’s too big.

Moreover, filtering by in_progress doesn’t show anything at all.

And filtering by branch is broken completely as well because the branch is deleted.


I filed a support ticket about this a few days ago and github support replied:

The underlying issue was with Elastic search but it has been fixed, but we will not see new results for filtered lists until we have a new index.

To set expectations, this could be a couple of days. In this case, you would see the most recent runs if you remove the filter.

Elastic search backs filters in our API and UI. So unfiltered workflow runs lists will be correct, but filtered lists will be stale.

I hope this helps in the interim. I’ll let you know when the re-index is complete, so you can search by filters again.


That API has been broken for 4 days now!
Why is it so hard for someone from GitHub to officially state the above?

And it’s still broken. I created an enterprise support ticket almost at the same time as a topic, and no answer there so far.

Fwiw, this morning GitHub support told me their reindexing was completed and my queries should work.