Actions randomly not triggered on PRs for some of the forks

For a straight-forward flow:

name: PHPUnit
on: [push, pull_request]


As of several hours ago, PRs from some forks trigger it, but some don’t.

Edit: Looks like a related report

I haven’t seen this before.  Can you point me to your workflow and some pull requests that are triggering and some that aren’t?

This one triggered the workflow as it should, but this one didn’t.

Both PRs form the same person, to the same repo.

Thanks for the information.  It looks like we’re not finding the workflow in the source branch.  This looks like a bug that we should be able to fix soon.


Now we experiencing the same problem with our private repo

Workflows “lint”, and “phpunit” configured to run on pull_request but actually never get triggered.


I’ve opened a detailed issue with reproduction steps here: