Actions pages show many workflows in progress that should be finished

On our actions workflow pages: (not publicly visible), there are many workflows (checks) that are still spinning (days later) even though all their subjobs have completed, successfully or not. The “Cancel check suite” button is still present which makes me think that the Actions system thinks the workflow hasn’t finished. What might be causing this?

EDIT (added for clarification): These are PR checks, and the PR page that initiated the checks thinks that the checks have all finished.


Thank you for letting us know about this issue.  We are working to rundown some bugs in this area where it appears that runs are still in progress even if all of the jobs have finished.  I have added this post to our internal tracking issue so one of our engineers can look into the telemetry.


This is currently happening in a repo of mine:

The workflow is duplicated (same PR commit) and shows simultaneously completed and running. Trying to cancel the running one gives the error “Failed to cancel check suite.”

It was happening with me also some days back. But now it doesn’t, because there is a rule that any workflow can execute greater then 6 hours.

A little followup: this problem persists, and because the Actions page still shows “Cancel Check Suite”, we can’t see the generated artifacts, unfortunately.

We are still getting this happening - thread has been quiet for a while is there any updates?


we are experiencing the same/similar issue (private repos). our builds are stuck “in progress”. sometimes we can’t even cancel them, not through the gui and not through the api itself. the “in progress” keeps spinning for hours and hours.

any ideas what is happening and how we can prevent this?