Actions page add details to workflow runs and premerge

I started implementing git actions on a repository.
I have implemented two actions for now.

  • when we have a PR and it’s approved. runs build, test, lint…
  • when pr is merged. run build, test, lint… push\publish to npm for example.

with branch protection, I can control if code can be merge if the first action finished successfully.

question 1:
can I implement something like “merge requested” on the second action, the code will be merged only if the workflow finished successfully (test, build, lint… push)?

question 2:

for some reason on the first actions, “PR Approved”
there are not a lot of details that I can understand what triggered this action

but for the merge action, I am getting more info
for example the branch name.

can I somehow manage to details that are shown on this page?