Actions on release aren't running

We had an action for an open source repo, that automatically creates and publishes npm packages ‘on release’. This worked until yesterday.

It’s a classic: “Nothing changed but it stopped working”-issue, which might mean we did change something but I don’t know what.

This has happened for our last 2 releases, 2 different repos:

Repo 1:
Action list:

Repo 2:
Action list:

Any guidance with this is appreciated!

(I had to put the links in code blocks in order to avoid the ‘maximum 2 links’ filter)

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I have a test repo for Actions, one of which is triggered on release. I’ve just tried it and my release action runs as expected. One difference I notice is you are triggering when a release is created but my actions trigger when a release is published. I don’t know if that will make a difference but it might be worth trying if your release actions still aren’t running.

    types: [published]
    branches: [master]