Actions not starting after commit push from other action

In my project, I actually had my desired workflow working but it suddenly stopped and I’m not aware of why it stopped working.

I configured an action that would listen to Dependabot updates that would rebuild the project with those updated dependencies and commit the changes if the tests didn’t fail (Action1). Then after that ran, it would trigger an auto merge action if all checks passed (Action2).

Here’s an example of that workflow working as expected: Bump @types/node from 16.9.6 to 16.10.1 by dependabot[bot] · Pull Request #359 · myyk/git-democracy · GitHub

Since I’ve recently seen a bunch of failures that looked like this:

Action1 failed in what looked like a network error, so I re-ran all actions and everything passed and it created a commit with Action1. Then Action2 will not run but the PR seems to know that the checks are pending and will not allow the PR to be approved.

Why is Action2 and the other actions triggered by Action1’s commit not running? It’s been about 24 hours and they haven’t even started.