Actions not running for PRs made by another workflow

I have a scheduled workflow that creates PRs as needed - however, none of the checks are running on it. Why? Because the checks are required, these PRs are effectively un-mergeable.

Example PR.

This is adding a bit of unnecessary maintainer load because to merge these PRs one has to disable the branch protection checks every time. Is this something that can be fixed?

How are those PRs created? If the GITHUB_TOKEN is used for authentication it won’t trigger workflows by design. If you use a PAT workflows should be running just like when you’re doing it manually.

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I see I can also give a special permissions here. Which one would be the correct one?

It’s difficult to test since if I run the workflow manually, the permissions are right.

None of those. If you want to trigger new workflows, you have to use a PAT for authentication, not GITHUB_TOKEN.

Thanks, that was it.

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