Actions marketplace searchability somewhat lacking

Having published 6 actions for the GitHub community to use I find it quite hard to even find our Actions, both through search and because of the lack of sort options.

Consider the following actions, published by game-ci

Unity - Activate
Unity - Request Activation File
Unity - Return License
Unity - Test runner
Unity - Builder
Steam - Deploy

Example 1: Search for "Unity"

Here’s the default view when searching for Unity.

The result is 2 pages of actions.

Page 1:

While most of our actions would be in the top 10 when sorting for stars, technically #2, Unity - Test runner, shows up somewhere on the second page.

Page 2:

Note that the order is not alphabetical, not by stars, not by creation date (as we were among the very first actions created for unity), not by updated date.

Any of mentioned default sort orders would have been better than the current situation. As now it’s seemingly just a bit random to be honest.

Example 2

Search by “Unity game-ci”

Now you would expect 5 of them to show up right?
Here’s what happens in reality:

Example 3

Say we want to have a quick link for our community to only show the actions that are created by us.

Search by “game-ci” only.

I’d expect all 6 of our actions showing up.
Here’s what’s happening in reality:


Currently the marketplace seems to still need some work when it comes to discovering new or existing actions.

I hope the above examples give a clear illustration of “basic” features that are currently still lacking.

Thank you for your consideration.


I agree - and the lack of sorting features makes it difficult as well.

Looks like some sorting features have been introduced, which is a start!

Unfortunately this feature looks to be bugged currently.

More examples:

  • The action with most stars are still rated 9th (even when using the sorting options)
  • searching for “game-ci” only shows 3 of our 6 actions currently (and does include an action that’s seemingly unrelated).