Actions job flow rendering inaccurately

We have a job structure that looks like this:

version → docker-build → test-deploy
tests → test-deploy

The graph shown on the build makes it look like tests → docker-build → test-deploy:

But if you hover over tests, you can see the line actually goes under docker-build and is correct. (I can’t attach the second image here because I’m a new user. Will try to post it in an immediate reply).

But if you hover over tests, you can see that it is just having its line drawn behind docker-build:

If you grab the docker-build, can you drag it out of the way, and it all displays correctly?

In Firefox on Linux I don’t seem to be able to grab and drag it at all.

Yep you are correct I tried it and it just moves the entire picture. I would agree with you that it would be better if either:

  • the rendering was smarter and broke it all out, or
  • I could items around on the chart, to organize it like I would like

This visualization just came out a few months ago, so I would think there are updates planned at some point in the future.

I posted about basically exactly the same issue a few days ago as well: Misleading Actions/Workflow Visualization

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@ben-foxmoore thanks for the update. I’ll add that into what I submit as well.

@mickeygousset Great, thanks!