Actions hanging on Starting your workflow runs...

Anyone else experience it?.. our whole CD pipeline is stuck :\


We’re also seeing this

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@roni-frantchi wrote:

Anyone else experience it?

Yup. 10 minutes of waiting before workflow starts.

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I’m also seeing this across several different workflows being triggered by different users in our account. Has been like this for at least a few hours.

Anyone from Github staff able to give an idea on whats going on (GitHub status not reporting anything out of the ordinary)?

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Our actually starts after a few hours, or never…


Yep. Same here… :frowning:

same here and still ongoing

Seeing this as well :frowning:

Same. somewhere between 20min and 4 hours before it’ll actually start. The dangerous part is because it’s queued but not started PRs don’t show the checks and thus appear passing when no tests have been run.


Very sorry for the trouble! We have an issue open internally and our engineers are working on it, we will update you again as soon as we have more information to share.


For what it’s worth – I’m getting this now again. It worked fine just a few hours ago.

@andreagriffiths11 did you ever resolve the internal issue, or is it sporadic?


Thanks for the ping @zellski, this issue should be resolved. If you are still having issues please contact us at and we’ll take a look.


Thanks Andrea – yeah, turns out I’d just screwed up the contents of “runs-on” line, which fails the workflow without feedback:

Screenshot 2019-11-05 11.24.45.png

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Any update on this?

Excuse me, is this question solved?

same here.

Also experiencing this. Added a GitHub action on a branch. It is not available on the master branch (yet). Wanting to start with a pull request.

Solution: It was an invalid workflow file. Just had to wait a bit, refresh the page and then the error was shown.