Actions’ greatest mysteries

For the penultimate post of this year I thought it’d be a good time to look back at the most popular unanswered questions of the past few months, and hopefully find some answers from all of you. :sparkles:

Response from repository_dispatch

With this first question we dive straight into triggering GitHub Actions via the API. Triggering a workflow using the repository_dispatch endpoint returns 204: no-content, but this community member wants to find the workflow runs associated with this event.

How to delete all reviews of a PR via github action?

Another question for any API experts out there: are you able to dismiss all existing reviews on a pull request from an Action?

Cannot connect to SQL Server from GitHub action

This one looks like a networking-related error when trying to connect to a SQL server. If anyone has any experience with similar issues I’m sure assistance in debugging would be appreciated!

MSBUILD with github actions

This question deals with one of my most hated issues when setting up a dev environment: PATH problems. If you’re an expert in adding programs to the Windows PATH then you can likely help out here!

Wildcard expansion in cmd shell

Finally, experts in Windows runners may be able to help this community member with their question on why their shell is behaving in the way that it is.

These are some of the most-visited topics in the Actions category over the past few months, so if any of you are able to solve these questions then you’ll get some extra holiday sparkles from me!


Solved #2, Although i’m the one who asked it originally… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you for going back and answering your own question, @tomh-netbet! :smile_cat: Someone might run into the same issue in the future–so this is helpful!