Actions don't cancel properly, stuck with running or queued status for > 1 week

I’ve seen a few similar threads to thism but none seem to describe exactly this so I don’t know if it’s another issue. My actions don’t seem to cancel properly, and seem to end up running forever (I even have some from 10 days ago that say they’re “queued”). I don’t know for sure, but I think these might be affecting the new builds from starting, since my first push today is sat queued with “Starting your workflow run…” even though as far as I can tell, nothing else is actually running.

Repo is here:

(actually, some of the tasks in the latest job did start once I posted this, so maybe these old statuses are not holding things up - though they’re still mighty confusing).

We have a couple engineers working on improving this. We’ve seen a few cases where the final status doesn’t come back and workflows are left in pending state (even if they finished or errored).

I believe should now be mostly fixed, if you see it happen again, please do share here and I’ll send it to the people working on it.

@dantup Was just looking into your repo more. There’s a fix for this issue rolling out today and tomorrow. The statuses on that page will update eventually, currently they are coming in delayed (this happens on some complex workflows).

Great! I’ll see how things go next week and shout back if I’m still seeing the issue. Thanks!

@mscoutermarsh I still have a bunch of builds that are spinning from a week or two ago, I’m not sure if this is expected (if “eventually” meant longer than a few days, then maybe there’s still time… otherwise, it might not be working):