Actions/checkout@v2 -Can't delete acme.json- permission denied

Please be gentle, I’m new and not very knowledgeable about this

I’m using a GitHub action to build a docker container for Traefik and deploy. We are deploying to an Ubuntu vm in Azure if that’s important
As mentioned in the topic, the build process tries to delete the entire built folder and recreate, but fails because it can’t delete acme.json

*Error: Command failed: rm -rf "/home/actions-runner/_work/docker/docker/letsencrypt"*

*rm: cannot remove '/home/actions-runner/_work/docker/docker/letsencrypt/acme.json': Permission denied*

(I’ve removed the home folder name)

That’s not unexpected because that file has special permissions, but I’m at a loss about what to do?

  • need to add extra permissions to the build file?
  • move the letsencrypt folder out of reach somehow?
  • delete that file as a separate step?

Any help would be appreciated

ok seems to be related to this

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