actions/cache@v1.1.0 can't cache between jobs?

If I wanted to cache between jobs, is the only way to do that by creating an artifact of the cached directory?

If I run the same cache step on two jobs, the second job always does not find the cache, so it must be job dependent, right?

I tested the cache action, it can work fine.
Can you share more details of your workflow definition and the full debug logs? So that we can analyze the root cause.
And you also can get more details about Caching dependencies here:

@brightran I think @eslekin means exploiting cached stuff across distinct jobs. To me it makes sense that cached stuff is job-isolated but the core question remains: How does one share cache between separate jobs of a given workflow, or across workflows? @eslekin points to a potential workaround through build artifacts download/upload but that may not solve all problems. Maybe someone has a better idea.