Actions arguments are dropped

I’m invoking a function like so:

    - name: Check C++ changes against style guide
      uses: ZedThree/clang-tidy-review@v0.7.0
      id: static_analysis
        build_dir: 'b/ninja' # path is relative to checkout directory
        # PLACEMARKER: list of clang-tidy checks
        clang_tidy_checks: '-*,performance-*,readability-*,bugprone-*, ...'
        # the action doesn't see system-level libraries, need to replicate them here
        apt_packages: 'pkg-config,libzip-dev,libglu1-mesa-dev,libpulse-dev'
        exclude: '3rdparty'

And the exclude argument is not being passed to the action per logs:


Even if I rename it to excludetest, it is not passed to the action.

What is going wrong?

Anything I can do here?