Actions and Check Runs are not updated upon a re-run

Hello there,

It seems there is a UI bug in Actions and Check Runs UIs. :x: is not updated to :yellow_circle: when a Re-Run button is hit even though other elements in the UI show that something is running.

See the attached screenshots.


This definitely does not look like the intended behavior. If this happens again, I suggest getting in contact with GitHub support but you could always push to the repo again to get past this. 

Alternatively, the new GitHub Actions API may allow you to fix this in the future. 

Sorry I didn’t get an email notification about your response but it seems like a ignoring the issue rather than a solution. This is not only affects the UI but API responses are also not showing the right state of a Check Suite for a ref.

Giving that people are upvoiting the issue it seems I’m not the only one experiencing the issue.

I just doubled checked and the issue still persists. Plus there is some weird bun in live updating statuses of steps. 

Sleep actually finished in order for exit to perform.

Pushing to the repo. is fine if you’re the PR author, but what if it’s a run on a branch or someone is helping out re-running jobs due to some known flake?

This is def. a problem affecting a lot of people, and it’s really annoying Github seems to be completely ignoring it.  Though perhapse could it be the result of some former beta/preview feature that changed state/behavior recently?

Ping…this is still a problem that needs fixing IIUC on the github-side.

Same. This problem persists.

We are also running into this problem

@fkorotkov I’m not able to reproduce here, is this still a problem? Shortly after rerunning a failed check, the sidebar status updated to show an in progress run.

@imjohnbo, yes, it’s still an issue. Try not a GitHub Action since it’s using a different UI then a GitHub App that uses Checks API.