Actions Acceptable Use

Hello :wave:

I’m writing because I would like clarification on the Actions Terms of Service.

I would like to write some actions that run on a schedule (like a cronjob) with the sole purpose of sending messages on Slack, updating Confluence docs, etc., which are not directly related to “pipeline” and more related to automating minor daily tasks for my teams.

If we’re using self-hosted runners and paying for the infrastructure, is this type of usage permitted? It’s a little ambiguous in the terms that I linked above.

Any insight would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Is there a reason not to use k8s cronjobs? If you’re already somehow self-hosting, you have to have some infrastructure.

Technically there is some amount of load on GitHub’s servers to manage the orchestration of your workflows, and they’re trying to limit resources to things that actually do develop the repository code.

It’s an interesting question.

I think if I were you, I’d probably file a bug straight on the docs asking for clarification. So, here you go: